I'm working in the fields
Far away from home
I'm laboring hard
But I'm far from done
The breaks are short and the coffee is thin
I need to finish 'fore the heat kicks in

I'm sunburned and I'm miserable
I'm covered up with dirt
And I can't even tell the sweat from tears
I've got blisters on my fingers
I've god blood stains on my shirt
I can't take it - get me out of here

I plow the fertile fields of social anthropology
This lunch I had - I can't take one more sup
I wish I had the spine to finish this anthology
But now I feel the fields are drying up

I'm homesick, I'm sick and tired
It's a long long way from home
And still I haven't got what should find
My thesis must be finished within a month or so
But sunburns and blisters fill my mind

The mid day heat is killing me
I can't work out here
The sun block makes the dust stick on my face
I'm almost out of bottled water
I could need a beer
Take me to an air conditioned space