F#m     A    F#m 
Feeling hot in a Brazilian town
E      C#m               F#m  
Stakes were high as we sat down   
F#m          D  -  A/C#  -  A
Shaking hands and combing hair  
E        D        F#m
It's time to save the Polar Bear

But all our plans were put on ice
Nobody wanted to pay the price
All we did was talk and talk
Telling each other to walk the walk

D         A
Riding my plane from town to town
C#m           F#m
To find a way to get emissions down
D            A
The weather is warm but the talks are cold
E    F#m
This climate deal is put on hold

Islanders they hollered high
Said they're drowning by-and-by
Yet in Delhi and Montreal
Heads of states ignored them all


Met in Bali and Marrakech
While floods struck half of Bangladesh
Now Islands sink into the sea
Yet the delegates cannot agree



Reservevers (ikke med på plata):

In Copenhagen and Cancun
Leaders said we'd be there soon
Still we're on the same old spot
Bless us Lord it's getting hot